Heetch - Enjoy your ride
Often threatened with prohibition, Heetch, the French urban mobility app announces its big return in pro mode, 24/7, in all the major cities of France. Ready to take the pink pill?
Advertising, Motion Graphics, Photography
Accidental Wes Anderson
Accidental Wes Anderson is a book "in hommage" to the famous movies director. Because of the growing popularity of the sub reddit dedicated to Anderson's aesthetic I was able to create this piece of editorial design.
Print Design, Art Direction, Graphic Design
In Presence of The Moon Nobody Sees Stars
In Presence of the Moon Nobody Sees Stars is a 168 pages book about the Apollo Space Program. In recent years I have really become passionate about astronomy, the role of Man in space and all the possibilities opened by this wonderful field to explore. And especially the "golden years" of the NASA represented by the race with the USSR to be the first humans to land on the moon.
Editing, Editorial Design, Art Direction
Meet Lima
The Cloud that respects your privacy. Keep your personal files safe at home. Access them from anywhere. That's the beauty of the Personal Cloud.
Web Design, Art Direction, UI/UX
DOCUMERICA: Issue #1 - John H White
DOCUMERICA was a program sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to "photographically document subjects of environmental concern" in the USA from about 1972 to 1977.
Editing, Editorial Design, Art Direction
Jimmy Fairly
Probably the city's largest supplier of eyewear to bearded hipsters, Jimmy Fairly lauched first as a website (in 2011) before opening a store in the Marais in May 2012. Riding a wave of blogger enthusiasm, this Web 3.0 optician offers around 100 retro style designs which are produced in Italy but carry very Anglo-Saxon names.
Web Design, Art Direction, Fashion
DOCUMERICA: Issue #2, #3 & #4
DOCUMERICA was a program sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to "photographically document subjects of environmental concern" in the USA from about 1972 to 1977.
Editing, Editorial Design, Photography
Skate Krak
Krak is a new way for skateboarders to share photos, videos, and spots with their friends and community. Stack clips, build your catalog, get noticed for your skills, discover new spots, and the best way to get there. By skateboarders for skateboarders.
Art Direction, UI/UX, Entrepreneurship
Chronopassion has been the quintessence of fine watches since 1988: precious and rare items, latest models and limited series... Laurent picciotto and his team are ardent devotees who understand watch lovers and know how to select watches that reflect their personality.
Web Design, Graphic Design, UI/UX
Make your Franklin - Community art project
Make your Franklin is born after a simple idea : share different visions of the same object, the 100 dollar bill. Our choice tended on this bill because of its universality and its symbolic value.
Art Direction, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design
À l'Endroit - À l'Envers
An upside-down story of the 60’-70’ NASA’s astronauts. Another point of view of the astronaut daily routine and training, on ground & on space. Discover men and women who changes history for ever.
Art Direction, Editorial Design, Editing
Led It Grow - Eshop
LED IT GROW is the first growshop specializing in LED horticultural lighting. LED IT GROW made the choice of this specialization because it is convinced that it is the horticultural lighting of the future.
Web Design, Art Direction, UI/UX
Dribbble Shots Collection - Free .PSD
I challenged myself to create a maximum of "Free .PSD" to help you as you did few years ago. I have tried to make files clear and simple, you can download all my files and everything is free of rights. It's up to you now.
Web Design, Interaction Design, UI/UX
Logo Collection – 2010-2017
As soon as I learned to use photoshop, and even before doing my job, I had always had the idea to help my loved ones in order to train. Since Artistic Director is my profession, I took care of always concerved everything I did. That is why I propose you this selection of logo that I have realized during these last seven years.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Branding
Le Noël de la French Tech
The Noël de la French Tech — literally, “Christmas of French Tech” —is  a non-profit movement to promote French Startups to the general public in France. It’s been a huge success every years, putting more than thousands of French Tech gifts under the Christmas tree!
Web Design, Art Direction, Branding
L'Oréal Paris Worldwide Conference
450 L’Oréal Paris international top managers get together at the Hotel Salomon de Rotschild for a 2 days of plenary and workshops convention. We was in charge of all the event’s artistic direction, from scenography to the slides’ broadcasting on a 38m panoramic screen.
Art Direction, Branding, Fashion
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